Grammy Award-Golden Globe Winner COMMON “Shares 3 Steps To Achieve Greatness”

Grammy Award & Golden Globe Winner COMMON was keynote speaker at “Steward Speaker Series”.  The artist spent the day in Indianapolis visiting schools and speaking with youth.  I attended the lecture at JW Marriott, where Common shared his testimony and dropped some jewels that he’s picked up along his journey.

Common insists early on Ambassador Andrew Young told him that the way to find your purpose is ask your self the question “What are you willing to die for? Live for that”.  Common says that he is inspired to use his gift to inspire others.  He learned that he must be true to that after being disappointed about not winning a Grammy for his album “Be” considering it was nominated 5 times.

Common says he learned some important lesson after his relationship with neo soul diva Erykah Badu and it was to “Never Dim Your Light For Anyone” and that sometimes “Rejection Is Protection”.  He admits that after that painful breakup he began the process of self analyzation which is where his transformation came.


Ending, Common claims that the 3 steps to achieve greatness is:

Find your purpose

Believe in your purpose

Live your purpose


Common’s book “One Day It Will All Make Sense” is available now.


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