Step 1: Create an Artist Account

Step 2: Choose An Audition City

Step 3: Print Your Artist Audition Pass

Step 4: Auditions


Please prepare two (2) songs for your open call audition. You will be required to perform one song, but have the second song ready if asked.

A CAPPELLA ONLY at the open call auditions.

NO background tracks, NO accompaniment, NO instruments.

Songs can be by any artist and from any genre (pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, alternative, latin, country, blues, indie).

Pick songs that fit your voice and best represent the artist you are.

Family, friends, managers, vocal instructors, etc. will NOT be allowed at the audition.

If you are under 18 or are otherwise a minor in your home state, one (1) parent or guardian will be allowed with you at the audition.

If you require special accommodations due to a disability or other need, please contact our casting team prior to your audition.

Come dressed in a style that represents you as an artist. Do NOT come in “chicken costumes.” We are looking for serious artists ONLY.

Please plan to be at the audition all day. We suggest bringing snacks and water. Please check the weather in your audition city and plan accordingly as some audition venues have outside waiting areas.

The coaches will NOT be at the open call auditions.

You may be asked to stay for a call back please plan accordingly. 

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