Christian Community Entertainment is having auditions for the Stage Play PRESUMPTIONS. Saturday March 24th, 2018 at Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church 2815 Sutherland Ave. 46205 from 10:00AM – 5:00PM. We require commitment, dedication and desire but no experience necessary. Adults male and female from 18 years and older bring PHOTO ID, HEAD SHOT and RESUME.

CONTACT: KIM 317.216.7151 OR TAQUAN 317.395.8557 FOR MORE INFO.


CCE is a non- profit organization committed to creatively addressing several core issues of people within the inner city. We offer 2nd chances and another opportunity to help people from unfortunate circumstances and bring them into the spot light of their future by teaching them to utilize their gifts and talents.

Presumptions is an exciting book and a fantastic stage play coming to the stage this summer. It has a story line that will suck you in from the beginning with a great mixture of drama, humor and meaningful substance. It portrays real life stories that teaches many lessons about life and shows that things are not always, as they seem. Every character’s life story is of value to someone we know, or we know someone who has been in the same situation.

The story tracks the lives of several Christians and non-Christians within a church community that are all intertwined or affiliated in some way. It shows the way people are perceived by others despite the true problems and struggles that they may face. It deals with things which have been sweep under the rug in our churches and in our homes.

The main characters of the story are siblings without any knowledge of each other. They are separated during childhood after the death of their mother. Throughout the story, the siblings are just steps away from each other’s lives, but never realizing their connection until tragedy hurls them together, but is it too late?

Presumptions examines church cultures and shows that churchgoers or those we view a righteous still have very complex issues in their own lives. The underlying theme is that people are not always as they show, themselves to be and we should be weary of forming opinions or judgments about the lives of others. Each character’s story reveals timeless life lessons and messages that are relevant to us all. Presumption is to entertain, enlighten, educate and empower the audience.


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