Jay Z speaks on business, Beyonce, Kanye and 444


Jay Z sits down Dean Baquet of NY Times in a very candid interview. Jay Z breaks down the song “O.J” off of his latest album 4:44 and how  being rich and famous is not the ultimate goal of celebrity but offers his music/voice is to create dialogue.

Jay insists he wants his kids to be compassionate people, not of privilege but, to accept people for who they are not their position in life. Insisting that he and Beyonce were working on their latest releases together so “Lemonade” was not a surprise to him.  How says he never spoke on his mother’s sexuality because some stories are not yours to tell.


Jay says that he has much love and respect for Kanye West and maybe when they are 80 they can laugh about this time in their lives, but that a conversation does need to be had due to the lines that were crossed.


Check it out and catch Jay on his 444 tour in a city near you. 

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