Theatre: Stage Right | Actors Workshop


Finally after 12 years in theatre Demarco will be  hosting a DP actors workshop for theatre, entitled STAGE RIGHT!
INSPIRING and Polished Actors you do not want to miss this opportunity. DP has produced over 300 shows since 2004. We have 5 awesome productions scheduled for 2017!
This workshop is open to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio Area Residents. I’m only hosting 3 sessions at 20 attendees per session.
That’s ONLY 60 people Total!
Save the dates: Saturday January 14th 2:30PM AND 6:30PM workshops and Sunday January 15th AT 3:30pm.
Save the dates. Each session will be 2-3 hours. Each person will have the opportunity to audition for one of our upcoming stage productions and a chance to get a professional headshoot taken at the workshop. Inbox us for more details and/or to reserve your spot! Secret location.
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