Top 10 Things former First Lady Michelle Obama shared on her visit to Indianapolis


Top 10 Things former First Lady Michelle Obama shared on her visit to Indianapolis

1. On growing up with extended family close by:

“The most important role models that you have are right in front of you.”

2. On the one thing she wishes parents knew:

“Kids don’t need a lot of stuff. I didn’t have a lot of stuff. … I just want parents to know it’s the time in; it’s not the stuff.”

3. On younger generations facing different hurdles:

“I want them to know that anybody who has been successful, particularly if you’re a woman, and especially if you’re a woman of color, you grow up with a lot of doubts in your head.”

4. On the fact that most minority children work hard, get good grades and aren’t out doing bad things — but face judgment regardless:

“They’re me. I am the kid you are afraid of.”

5. On the advice she’d give children who doubt themselves: 

“What you have to do is just get up. And do it. There is no magic.”

6. On what children of color deal with because of people’s assumptions about race:

“You have to practice achieving through people’s low expectations of you.”

7. On what you can achieve if you work hard and believe you can:

“There are very mediocre people out there who run stuff, but nobody out there told them they can’t. You’re just as capable. But you can’t be at the table if you’re not prepared.”

8. On being a fashion icon:

“I never sought to make a fashion statement. I approached clothes the way most women do: I wanted to look cute.”

9. On the importance of comfort:

“You’re only as comfortable with other people as you are with yourself. … I’m wearing these heels right now because I don’t have to walk past this rope line.”

10. On why liking people is key to being first lady:

“For me, it was easy for me to be the first lady because every day I was with people. …  And I didn’t have to be anyone but me. I didn’t have to be the first lady that I read about somewhere.” Read more


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